Rebecca Ickes – Venue Tour Video

Venue Tour Video

Rebecca Ickes is a Chicago wedding photographer who wanted to create a marketing piece to help her stand out from the competition and create a better connection with her prospects – couples in the process of planning their wedding.

In this video, Rebecca gives a tour of the Rookery Building, a downtown Chicago wedding venue, while at the same time showcasing her photography. Hearing Rebecca’s voice gives prospects the same experience that they’d get on a phone call, so this video builds trust by letting people “meet” her before they actually do.

A bonus benefit: Rebecca could suggest that the venue use this video in their marketing, thereby building the relationship and encouraging them to refer her to couples looking for a photographer.

This content marketing video creates a WIN – WIN – WIN. Prospects get the helpful info they want, Rebecca gets the exposure she wants, and the venue gets a unique marketing piece.


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